Project : A-PLUS Architect (browser-based tool for usability evaluation in software design)

Tasks : design, research, user testing

Client : ABB (R&D collaboration)

Completed : Nov 2009

Detail: User interaction with USAPs checklists

Challenges : Earlier tests had shown that users needed to be guided toward paying attention to every responsibility in a USAP to get the maximum benefit. Users also needed guidance to know what to do with a responsibility after evaluating it, and a consistent way to record the results of their evaluation.

Solution : I used radio buttons to let users record mutually exclusive statuses for each responsibility as they went through the review process for each USAP. To remind them to consider all the responsibilities, I used a hierarchy of automated checkboxes that were triggered by the user's choice of a new status for any responsibility in any USAP. Separate checkboxes also let them keep track of any responsibilities they might want to discuss later.