Project : A-PLUS Architect (browser-based tool for usability evaluation in software design)

Tasks : design, research, user testing

Client : ABB (R&D collaboration)

Completed : Nov 2009

Detail: Redesign to improve usability

Challenges : User testing uncovered several usability issues. Users wanted to record comments while working. The mechanism for displaying optional information was suboptimal. There were no options for view filtering, and the to-do list generated as an output needed to be more flexible. Also, the layout was somewhat cluttered.

Solution : I added click-to-type notes fields to each of the responsibilities so users could record comments as they worked. Directional icons made it easier to use the optional information. I replaced the inflexible list and PDF report generator with a set of filters that showed the current list as a view on the entire body of responsibilities. The to-do list then became a print directly from the current view, so the users could easily see what the to-do list would show at the time they created it. To reduce clutter, I increased white space and revised distracting graphical elements.